Bojangles’ New Redesign Includes a 'Biscuit Theater'

Bojangles’ New Redesign Includes

a 'Biscuit Theater'

It’s been about 10 years since Bojangles’ last major change to its store design prototype.
Now, as the quick-service chicken and biscuits brand pushes 700 units, it is positioning itself for future growth, and that includes a significant update to the prototype, including a new biscuit theater that allows customers to get a view of the restaurant’s baking process.

“It was a big part of our overall strategy to not just have a new building, but to have something that would reflect our heritage and be new and modern.” 

Randy Icard,
Vice President of Construction and Development
Bojangles’ Restaurants, Inc

“Bojangles’ has been making biscuits from scratch since we started in 1977, and was the case and as is the case with a lot of [quick-service] kitchens, it’s kind of been out of view and we wanted to make sure that we brought the biscuit up front and center,” says Randy Icard, Bojangles’ vice president of construction and development.