Quiznos re-branding with 2 concepts


Quiznos re-branding with 2 concepts

Quiznos is collaborating with Tesser, a San Francisco-area branding and design firm, to revitalize its brand with two new concepts, from menus to design. Twenty Denver locations are serving as test labs, according to a company press release.
Quiznos' objective is to revitalize the brand by using new brand positioning, new product innovation, improved customer service and a new guest experience. To do this it pursued two different paths simultaneously, creating two different programs to support best-in-class food concepts. The first drives the core business forward, while the second is a fast casual "lab” concept. Tesser helped Quiznos achieve record-setting growth from 2000 to 2010. Tesser worked closely with Quiznos to develop new brand positioning, which drove the development of the two concepts. 
To build two distinct platforms for Quiznos customers, Tesser and the Quiznos focused on emotional and product platforms for each concept. The result is"toasteria” for the core brand and "grill” for the new fast casual entry, both of which will serve as test labs to refine the brand and grow its core and millennial audience. 
"Consumer research tells us the toaster is the heart and soul of Quiznos,” said Tré Musco, president and chief creative officer at Tesser. 
Tesser and Quiznos recharged all aspects of the core brand with "toasteria.” The new Quiznos will revitalize the core brand by re-engaging lapsed customers and appealing to a new audience as well as reinvigorating the franchise system. 
Tesser brought in partner The Culinary Edge, also based in San Francisco, to develop new gourmet subs to compliment the new positioning and business goals...