Project Gallery - Auntie Anne’s, Park City, Pa.

Auntie Anne’s, Park City, Pa.


Auntie Anne’s unveiled its new prototype design in May 2014 with a new store in Park City, Pa. Photos by Donovan Roberts Witmer for Auntie Anne’s.

Designed by San Francisco-based brand strategy and design firm Tesser, the new concept is an homage to the company’s roots and spotlights its unique handcrafted soft pretzels.

With its warm whites and rich blue tones, copper finishes and blonde woods, the color palette conjures up images of traditional country bakeries and kitchens.

By moving the portions of the front counters back a few feet, customers feel like they are stepping into the kitchen.

Tesser created an art pack that calls out two key words: “baked” and “fresh” in large wall art, providing visual reinforcement for existing customers and new customers as they approach Auntie Anne’s.

Adding to the kitchen atmosphere are light wood cabinets over a center island where pretzel prep takes place. The menu boards are designed to look like black chalkboards with type that looks handwritten and images of pretzel offerings and old-style lemonade.