Tesser Goes to the Super Bowl

Tesser Goes to the Super Bowl

February 2002
San Francisco (Febuary 4, 2002) - Tesser, Inc, an award winning online development and brand services firm, provided strategic guidance to Quizno's, the Denver based sub chain, in developing the "Toasty" messaging for its radio, television, and print advertising. This new ad campaign featuring the Tesser developed brand message of "Toasty" was launched by debuting Quizno's first-ever commercial in the Superbowl last Sunday.

Tesser has been Quizno's brand partner for the past year providing a range of services to help the sub chain better solidify and communicate their brand. Likening the "Toasty" campaign to other's that have used a sound byte to further extend their brand, such as Little Caesars ""Pizza, Pizza"" or Intel's "sound mark" heard at the end of all broadcast advertising, Tre Musco, the CEO of Tesser explained, "A company's brand is more than just their name or their logo, its their entire personality. Tesser helps its clients to utilize every possible avenue to communicate their brand to their customer. This includes helping a client to find a word, such as Toasty, meant to envelop and communicate the distinct brand attributes."

About Quiznos

The Quizno's Corporation franchises, and owns and operates, quick service Italian-style sub sandwich shops called QUIZNO'S Subs. QUIZNO'S serves signature oven-baked Classic Subs -- which are distinctive among other ""commodity subs"" on the market because they are made from high quality meats, cheeses and other ingredients, and are warmed through a conveyor toaster oven. The QUIZNO'S upscale concept fits in a niche in the restaurant industry between fast food and fine dining -- offering the consumer the best benefits of each restaurant segment. QUIZNO'S provides the convenience of fast food with quick ticket times, affordability, carry-out and home meal replacement options.